Andprom - The Barefoot Traveller

Andprom - The Barefoot Traveller

Bryan Andrews
28 Hamerkop Road, Randburg, Gauteng 2169, South Africa

Travel is a magical, mind expanding interlude in your normal day-to-day lifestyle. Professionally planned and supervised, it can be a positive experience that adds new dimensions to your business, social and leisure life.
We have the knowledge, experience, commitment, network and support to ensure that your travel experience is care-free, cost-effective and relaxing. We do the work; you have the fun.


….in the footsteps of….

  • JESUS, through Israel. Walk where He walked, see the land He grew up in and the place where He died.
  • PAUL, trace his steps through Greece from Philippi to Corinth
  • PAUL and JOHN, through Turkey. Trace their influence through the Seven Churches of the Revelation.
  • MOSES and the Children of Israel, through Jordan. See the area they travelled through up to Mount Nebo, where God showed Moses the Promised Land before he died…and don’t forget Petra and the Salt Sea while you’re there.


The World is literally your oyster. What fires your imagination? Tick off the items on your bucket list with one of our tours.

  • Cruise the oceans and rivers of the world – each one with its own flair and flavour.
  • Shop till you drop in the world’s designer boutiques and exotic bargain markets.
  • Cycle through fields, forests and mountains…. follow a specific route or explore at your leisure.
  • History is all around us. Explore the past and its influence on the present.
  • Culture is exciting. The way people live is fascinating. Explore. Discover. Enjoy. Your life will be richer because of it.


Your staff is your most valuable asset. Show them that you value them. Send them on the trip of a lifetime.
Spoil them with the luxury of our own Rovos Rail, India’s Decan Odyssey or South East Asia’s Eastern & Oriental Express.
Ship-board life is the perfect way to relax and see 4 or 5 destinations. Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic, South China Sea, Australasia and the Pacific – even Alaska…each has its own unique way to captivate and enthral.
Adventure travel will thrill even the most fainthearted. Elephants in Thailand, Orang Utans in Borneo, White Water at Victoria Falls, Snowmobiles in Norway…these and more will thrill your staff.

BRYAN ANDREWS – a member of Rosebank Union since February 1980

After a rewarding career in Public Relations, Bryan Andrews – sole owner and director of Andprom (Pty) Ltd – moved into the travel industry in 1995.

Working for companies such as Rennies Travel, Passport to Pleasure and Impact Incentives & Events, Bryan spent more than 20 years, specialising in product design and group and incentive travel.

Over the years, he has visited more than 100 destinations in 33 countries and accompanied literally thousands of people on group and incentive tours. In addition to gaining valuable product knowledge and expertise, he has built up a vast, reliable network of suppliers and advisors in many countries across the globe. To date he has not lost one client to bull-goring, elephant-trampling or ostrich pecking!!

In March 2014, Bryan decided that the time had come for him to branch out on his own. He founded Andprom (Pty) Ltd with the aim of using his expertise and integrated network to provide specialist, personalised travel services to both existing and future groups and individual clients.