Alicia Myburgh
100 Algernon Road , Johannesburg, Gauteng 2192, South Africa

Easy Occupational Therapy is a crazy idea of a dreamer. The dreamer who wanted to provide occupational therapy resources for mommies, daddies and caregivers who want to enhance their child’s current skills within the home.

These strategies are not unique, but they are now easily available and encourage gross/fine/visual-perceptual/sensory modulation/ADL skills (like toileting). These activities are wonderful and can be reused as they are in a PDF format… They just keep on giving!
We have your child’s best interest at heart!
All resources have been created by a qualified occupational therapist.

We would also love to get in touch and answer any burning OT-related questions you may have!

I am also able to assist with face to face and telehealth service provision through Cheryl Fisher Occupational Therapists. We assess and treat children with a variety of difficulties ranging from poor handwriting and concentration to autistic spectrum disorder.